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Art Classes

Our kids drawing classes are not only fun, they are good for your child’s health! In our kids drawing classes, children receive the scientifically proven benefits of art classes.


Art for Kids

Allow your child’s artistic talents to blossom in New York City’s best kids drawing classes! At our studio, our kids drawing classes nurture your child with creativity, inspiration, and encouragement.

Art 18+

Art & Wine party in a creative, cozy atmosphere at the Romeo and Juliet Art Studio. This evening you will rest for the soul, find new acquaintances, and do your exclusive art.


Clay for Kids

Creative activities help improve imagination, individualism, and spatial intelligence - all beneficial for personality development. While in class, your child will begin to see the world - in a new way. They will see other perceptions of reality. They will create their own.

iPad Art

In traditional art, the artist must draw everything, but in digital art we are not limited to physical tools. Using a variety of filters and brushes, you can create a range of effects with the pen in seconds. The purpose of this tablet drawing tutorial is to perfectly prepare you for your new hobby.

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