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Toddlers cannot hold their attention for more than 2-5 minutes yet, so our classes are built from learning parts alternating with free play.

In our classes, kids and parents develop and communicate.

You will try different methods of teaching your baby, get a rewarding experience in communicating with him as well as meeting and sharing experiences with other parents.

Each lesson includes the following parts:

Part 1: Musical and rhythmic - includes games and dances to music.

Develops gross motor skills, coordination of speech with movement, the ability to listen and hear music, develops a sense of rhythm.

Part 2: The World Around us - is aimed at broadening the horizons, familiarizing with the surrounding reality, developing speech, enriching the vocabulary.

Part 3: Cognitive - work with didactic material, which allows you to develop mental abilities: thinking, logic, memory, attention, and imagination.

Part 4: Creativity - while doing modeling, drawing, applique, kids learn to fantasize, create small masterpieces. We try to encourage the initiative of children and the desire to experiment; we try to use different materials and techniques and their various combinations.

Part 5: Sensory - children work with sensory boxes with different fillings - cones, chestnuts, cereals, coffee, etc. Sensory experience is the basis for the child's intellectual development, sensory experience is enriched, observation, speech, thinking develops.

Part 6: Final - a game of low mobility, then the kids their parents are saying goodbye to each other and to the teacher.

Toddlers should be accompanied with adults; it can be both mom, grandmom, dad or nanny. The active participation of the parent in the lesson is very important. Children at an early age tend to imitate their parents in everything, including their attitude to activities, so the degree of parental involvement can greatly affect the degree of child's activity.

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